From liaising regularly with Public Health England, our local authority and the Care Quality Commission to get real-time local and national information and guidance about restrictions to sharing ideas with colleagues from across our group, we ensure we remain fully informed at all times. We also ensure we are carefully adhering to the CQC Covid-19 Emergency Support Framework. Our all-round approach enables us to keep our families up-to-date and informed on key aspects of our Covid-secure plan whilst making proactive decisions to keep our residents and team safe.

Our fresh and delicious meals are carefully crafted by our talented chef team according to the likes and dislikes of our treasured residents. As well as being lovely to eat, they include a variety of nutritious vitamins and minerals which support our residents to stay in tip top condition.

Our team knows our residents inside and out so we are able to gauge how they’re feeling from moment to moment by listening to them, reading their body language and expressions, and looking for cues. We then use this information to tailor our care and support. This holistic approach to care has never been more important. We know it’s an unsettling time for our residents and so, we remain committed to ensuring we’re there for them when they need us, and when they don’t even realise they need us, to provide not only physical care but also emotional support too. We love our residents and their comfort and happiness means everything to us so we’re there to make sure they have everything they need to be safe, happy and contented at all times.

We understand the importance of maintaining personal connections and we support our residents to remain in regular contact with their loved ones, including through carefully planned, face-to-face visits when guidance allows. These treasured visits are pre-agreed and must follow stringent guidelines to ensure everyone remains safe. In addition to visits, we also support residents to keep in regular contact with their loved ones through video calls, phone calls, and letter writing. This contact has no doubt been a huge benefit to our residents and their families who naturally love seeing and chatting to the people who are most important in their lives.

All of our visitors get welcomed by our front of house team who are trained in our stringent visitor infection control procedures. These checks, such as temperatures being taken, sanitiser being in place, a questionnaire and the correct PPE being issued and worn at all times whilst in the home, are vital to us remaining Covid-secure.

We have a trusted supply of testing kits within our home. All of our team members are tested for Covid-19 weekly and all of our residents are tested every 28 days. These tests provide added peace of mind and assurance, in partnership with our careful health monitoring and support on a day-to-day basis.

Our team members are skilled at proactively monitoring and responding to our residents’ health needs, enabling them to identify any changes which may imply someone is feeling unwell. We of course regularly monitor all typical symptoms such as temperatures, which are taken at regular intervals throughout the day. However, because we know our residents so well, we are also carefully attuned to other non-clinical changes such as behaviour which may also indicate we need to do more in-depth health checks – particularly for residents who are unable to easily express if they are feeling poorly.

We have long-established relationships with suppliers for everything we need and clear processes within our home to ensure we have a consistent supply of high-quality PPE which is easily accessed by our team and visitors. Our entire team follows the national guidance on what PPE should be worn when and we have all been trained in how to safely put it on, remove it and dispose of it. We have not, and never will be caught short.

With enhanced cleaning schedules, which also focus on popular areas of our home and high touchpoints, quality cleaning products and a ruthless eye for detail, our housekeeping team are relentless in keeping our warm and welcoming home germ-free.

Leading from the front, our home manager and senior team are there to provide day-to-day direction and guidance to our home team whilst ensuring best practice is followed and embedded throughout our home, consistently by our entire team.
They will stop at nothing to ensure we stay free of Covid-19.