Our CQC report

At Enable Care we are committed to providing high-quality care and rehabilitation that is effective and responsive to people’s individual support needs, delivered by expert staff that are well-led in an environment that is safe and secure enabling residents to lead fulfilling lives.

We were inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in January 2019, this is what they said about our home:

  • People were treated with care, kindness, dignity, and respect. People received a good level of care and support that met their needs and preferences. Staff had good knowledge and understanding of people’s specific care and support needs and how they wished to be cared for.
  • Suitable arrangements were in place to keep people safe. Policies and procedures were followed by staff to safeguard people and staff understood these measures.
  • Care plans were in place to reflect how people would like to receive their care and support, and covered all aspects of a person’s individual circumstances. Social activities were available for people to enjoy and experience both ‘in house’ and within the local community.
  • People told us staff looked after them well, that their safety was maintained and they had no concerns. One resident said, “I do feel safe here because there are people around all the time.” One relative told us, “I think my family member is safe here because they have grown in confidence in their own ability, can do things for themselves again and there always seems to be enough staff.”
  • Staff told us they felt supported and valued. One person said, “I feel supported, I’ve never had to raise any concerns with the manager.”
  • People told us their healthcare needs were well managed. One person told us, “Staff help with keeping my appointments at the hospital and they book transport and come with me.”
  • One resident said, “They know me so well and make me laugh. They are always cheerful and respectful.” A second person added, “I love it here, the people, the environment; it makes me feel better.” One relative told us, “The home has been good and there has been a massive improvement to my relative the last few months.”
  • It was evident from our discussions with the registered manager and staff that efforts were made to ensure people using the service had the opportunity to take part in social activities of their choice and interest, both ‘in house’ and within the local community.
  • The registered manager said, “I have an open-door policy and families can come in whenever they like.” One relative told us, “We’ve occasionally called the management not with complaints as such, more queries. They have always been more than helpful.”
  • One person told us, “I think the home is very well run because everyone knows their job.”

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